The Amazing Adventures
Of The
Fabulous Bushytail Brothers

These stories were originally written by Howard R. Geris, the well-known author of such classics as "The Bobbsey Twins" and  "Stories Of Uncle Wiggley" and edited, rewritten, updated and copyrighted by prolific digital author Dennis Lively.

This 158 page book is filled with 31 different and exciting stories of the adventures of 2 squirrel brothers, the Bushytail Brothers...Johnnie and Billie...and several of their forest friends and family. Why Bedtime Stories Are Important

If you ever wondered why parents often read to their children and why parents who don’t read to their children are considered bad parents, it might have something to do with the fact that reading bedtime stories is incredibly important. Oh, and if you don't read to your kids, you're a selfish jerk, plain and simple. Anyway, bedtime stories help children develop their own sense of propriety through fantasy and fictional settings. They learn how to behave, interact and imagine. If they can't do these things, they will have a hard time coping with the rest of the world.

It's also a great way to bond with kids so that parent and child can grow close. If you don't know which bedtime stories are great to read to your kids, you can always read up on top 10 reviews of children's stories.

31 Lovable, Memorable Bedtime Stories
For Your Children
That They'll LOVE You For Reading To Them!

Bedtime Stories?
Do Parents Still Do That?
Do Parents Still Have TIME To Do That?

If you're not reading to your children,
You May Actually Be HURTING Their Progress!

According to The Child Literacy Center,
here's why you should be reading to your child:

Children who read: succeed.
The most significant part of a child's mental growth between the ages of three and seven is the ability to imagine. Books boost imagination. Our popular television culture degrades imagination.

• TV and video are now our national babysitters.
But a young child's growing mind needs active play and live conversation. Television puts a child into what neurologists call the passive Alpha state. A child cannot learn from screens because programs are meant to sell products not to teach.

Much like the first news about tobacco and cholesterol, early studies now link overdoses of TV, video games and pop music with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, speech defects and aggressive behavior. WOW!

• Screen watching makes a child a follower and a consumer.
Books exist because of the power of human ideas. Readers are leaders and producers.

I KNOW That You Want What's Best For Your Children!

That's EXACTLY Why I Designed These Wonderful Stories
With, Not Only Your Children In Mind, But
Also Your Hectic Schedule In Mind As Well!

  • Each of these stories is only about 10-15 minutes long.
    Just long enough to make them sleepy but not long enough to take all evening for you.

  • Each of these stories is exciting.
    Even YOU will want to know what's going to happen next!

  • Each story builds on characters you've met in prior stories.
    Your child gets to know the characters and starts to expect what they'll do. Sometimes, that's where the surprise comes in!

  • Each story ending sets up the next night's story in a way that makes your child look forward to it.
    When they look forward to story time, there are a LOT fewer "Aw, Mom" moments! That saves YOU time at bedtime!

  • There are NO PICTURES! That makes you and your child use your imaginations. 
    Closing their eyes to imagine the bushytail brothers and their friends leads to early sleep time. PLUS you'll just be amazed at good your children's imagination truly is.

  • FINALLY, I've designed these stories in a manner that allows YOU to have your choice of how you receive and read these stories.
    Check out all of the choices you have below!

NOW You Know
  1. Why You Need To Be Reading To Your Child,

  2. That These Stories Offer You And Your Child Some Very Unique Benefits

  3. Why Those Benefits Are So Important To You And Your Child

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A Little About Me, Dennis Lively
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The Only Thing You Need To Do Now Is...
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Your Children's Bedtime Stories!

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Dennis Lively,
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